Regarding the opening of a kitchen car (9/21)

Due to circumstances, only one kitchen car store will be open today. Thank you for your understanding.

About today's event (as of 17:45)

Although there is currently rough weather in the vicinity of Tsuyama City, "TSUYAMAGIC" will be held as scheduled. Please note that some performances may not be ready in time. Thank you for your understanding.

I am looking forward to seeing you from the bottom of my heart.

About parking lot congestion

It is expected that the parking lot will be very crowded during the event period. Relatively empty.Tsuruyama Park North Plaza (Tsuruyama Cultural Center Parking Lot)"please use.

Recruitment for bus tour starts

We are now recruiting for great value bus tours with the Ryobi Bus Friends Pack!
For more informationhere



Tsuyama Tourism Campaign Promotion Council
(Tsuyama City Tourism Promotion Division)
520 Yamakita, Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture